SafePay BTC is the safest way to pay with Bitcoin

We provide you with a way to pay for your online transactions without worry.

Buyer and Seller
agree to terms

Buyer pays
to escrow

Seller verifies payment and delivers order

inspects order

Buyer releases
payment to seller
within 5 days*

*5 days is the suggested response time, to keep transactions moving. But, you may choose from 5-30 days.
If the buyer fails to release or dispute within the allocated time, the funds are automatically released to the seller.

If the seller does not deliver the order, or it's unacceptable, the buyer can request a refund from the escrow service.

Dispute Process

Our dispute process is easy, and gives the seller a chance to respond to the buyer to prevent abuse

Buyer disputes transaction

Seller has 5 days* to correct the issue

If the buyer does not report a resolution to us, we return their coins

*5 days is the suggested response time, but you may select from 5-30 days when filing a dispute

Ready to get started? Manage your escrow transactions below.

Create Transaction

Create a transaction record below. You will be given a Ticket ID to give to the receiver, a Transaction Key you should keep private, and the escrow payment address you'll send your Bitcoin payment to for this transaction.

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Verify Transaction

Enter a Ticket ID to verify payment and number of confirmations. Transactions are typically updated within 5 minutes, but can take longer depending on the Bitcoin network.

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Complete Transaction

Enter a Transaction Key to release funds to the recipient, or if there is an issue with your transaction return funds back to the sending Bitcoin address.

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